Alexandria – Live @ NK Fashion Show

Today has been a wild day!

I went from teaching my very first workshop to performing live for several hours at a beautiful Fashion Show held at the Kamorra Art Centre in Mississauga!
Surrounded by beautiful models and creative minds, I shared the runway with many talents!
It was a pleasure to sing some unheard original music of mine along with a few covers to excite the crowd!

Performing in any capacity really brings me joy!
On to bigger ventures <3



Alexandria Live at Yoga Village

Performing live is the essence of my as an artist. Its where I get to connect and vibe with my audience and fans!
There’s really nothing like it for me – and I’m sure most artists and performers would agree.

The stage is where I get my high! and that high lasts for days – creates momentum and builds the fire up even more!
Without my fans and being able to step on the stage, there would be no reason to keep creating <3

The beauty of music is sharing it and letting become yours too!
Until the next show <3


see video :


Intimate with OMNI’s V-mix

I caught up with OMNI ‘s V-mix for an intimate, low-key performance with my amazing accompanist, Herag!
We performed a basic version of my single “Stay”. It was really exciting, and yet I was a bit nervous still – maybe because it was going up on National Television.
Though, I’ve heard, if it makes you nervous, it means you care / love it!… and this is true! They were good nerves anyway, more like adrenaline nerves, like “ahhhh I’m so excited, this is what I have dreamt of doing, and its happening” kind of nerves ! 🙂

You catch my performance on the TV or on their youtube channel 😉




Natural vs. Man Made

Someone asked me if there is a difference between using natural crystals and man-made crystals… Would the man-made crystals carry the same properties as the natural stones?

My thoughts went immediately to comparing this idea to food – locally grown/organic vs. genetically modified – of course there’s a difference.

Lets look at this way … when a stone or crystal is growing in its natural environment, it is directly and by default being filled with its surrounding vibrations and Earth elements, almost like a web or a net, completely engulfed – filling it up with the exact properties it carries that make it vibrate its healing energy. Now, conversely, once you grow a crystal in a laboratory, its is 100% fully removed from its natural state. It is no longer being filled with its Earthly vibrations as it should be. Though it still contains the technical minerals and physical components- its now at a lack – its is missing its true vibration, and therefore, cannot emanate its true purpose as brightly as intended.

When I choose to make a piece of crystal jewelry for someone, it is always with the crystal in its natural state. So the person receiving it may feel connected to the crystal, feel the effects of the crystal, and even benefit mutually.

Always Natural.



Alive and Thrive

Being alive is truly a gift. A gift we tend to forget when we get caught up in the daily tasks and drama of our lives.
But as we move through the days and years, it only makes sense to be present to this life. Our days are numbered, and no one can say when they will end. So, not to be present and thrive while we’re here, would only make this life a waste.

Go inward and look within – breathe deeply – and move with ease through what feels uncomfortable.
Love is all you need <3



The New

I have just finished doing a 15 hour photoshoot with an amazing creative team!

We shot 7 different looks with amazing and intricate hair styles and makeup looks along with fabulous outfits!
The raw images I have seen so far are absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Its now time for me to rest – speak soon!



The Truth.

Music has always been a place of refuge and discovery for myself and many people!

I have utilized music to ease, sooth, empower and comfort! My first experiences creating music were in the early days of childhood. Never ceasing to play with the pots and pans, pens and pencils, sticks and stones, anything I could get my hands on to make a sound out of, at the time, I thought that was perfect rhythm!

The Cosmic Three Year Old me played with EVERYTHING and anything! Singing all day and night. Singing through my sentences, as I STILL do today! 🙂

Music is part of everyones life in a way that some people will never even realize… Whether it be a rhythm following you as you walk down the street, or the music you choose to play through your headphones, OR the sounds of the natural world working in perfect harmony to create a song. There is literally music everywhere we turn, if we are willing to hear it!

I guess what I’ve known for a long time now is, if there wasn’t music, and I didn’t somehow make it – I don’t know what life would be like. Certainly not half as exciting and filled with joy as it is now !

In short : “Music is the Truth that defines me”. – Alexandria

Stay Loving my friends.
One Love ,

2014-10-10 20.26.26


Symbol for Life.

My family is constantly inspiring my daily life.

My genius creative of an older sister came up with this idea to get a ‘sister tattoo’. And so the symbol came alive ( now my music logo). This symbol is the mixture of each of our sacred geometry symbols that represent our earth signs ( water, air and fire) . Each of us have the symbol tattooed on our bodies in different places in a way that compliments our personalities. Mine is on my back. Appearing as the eye of a peacock feather. My older sister has hers on there shoulder blade in the belly of an owl. My younger sister simply has the symbol on the back of her neck.

I thought that was a pretty cool idea. This symbol and my logo is close to my heart and always keeps my family close to me . Love you guys <3