Alexandria Live at Hugh’s Room – Debut Performance

I am feeling super blessed to announce that my Debut show is now SOLD OUT!

Thats so crazy to me, theres still a week until the show – I still encourage you to come out, there will be a standing room available as an option to see the show that way! One week away- can’t wait – thank you all so so so much for your support and love !

See you soon!



Alexandria on OMNI TV!

Today I was interviewed by OMNI Tv’s Laura D’Aprile from the Italian Community Network … that’s right, I am Italian if you didn’t know!
I was a little nervous going in because my Italian is definitely rough! I only had to say a few words here and there, so it ended up working out!
Take a peek at our interview here:


Rehearsals – my debut performance is coming!

What allows me to succeed and thrive on stage ? Well practice of course!

Tonight, the boys and I are rehearsing for my Debut performance coming up on April 7th 2015!
Time is flying and the anticipation is growing! The show is already almost Sold Out – I’m beyond grateful for that!

As this is the first time we will be performing as a band – we have our work cut out for us to say the least!
But I know we will pull it off and bring it all together 🙂




At the JUNOS 2015

Yesterday marked the annual celebration of the JUNO Awards!
This year I attended various events and the awards themselves!
It was amazing to see the diverse Canadian talent that we have in our country.

Looking forward to winning my very own JUNO in the near future – keep your eyes open Canada – Alexandria is coming 🙂



Stay by Alexandria – Officially out – March 3, 2015.

So today I released my first ever music video and debut singe titled ‘Stay’.
Its an absolutely beautiful piece of work that tells a story that will strike a chord with you emotionally!

I hope you can take a second to watch it and share it if you would like to! 🙂

See video here :



On Set : Shooting my BANKS – Waiting Game cover!

Today we shot for 13 hours to create this amazing concept video for my cover of BANKS – Waiting Game.

The vision for the piece came to me and was beautifully and whole-heartedly executed with my amazing creative team.
We brought in two brilliant dancer/choreographers from Toronto, Matthew Vautour and Christopher Knowles, to join us for this piece.

As usual, my right hand man, Darius Bashar, behind the directing seat and cinematography and editing!

As much as I am exhausted from shooting, I cannot wait to see how this turns out and get received by you all!

I hope you enjoy!



Studio daze

I try to get in the studio at least twice a week – mind you – I would be in there everyday if I could!

Ultimately, everyday I am creating, writing new songs, coming up with ideas – contacting fellow artists to collaborate. It never really ceases – and I love it like that. I’m constantly creating a platform to grow and evolve musically.
Today I got to sing a demo for a new song of mine 🙂 …


Interviewed at District 28

Today I got to sit and chat with the lovely Rochelle from District 28  – a new and vibrant venue in downtown Toronto.
It was an exclusive tour of the new space – and let me tell you- it was beautiful!

Me and Rochelle spoke about music, my journey and what exactly I do! 🙂
Super excited to announce that my first single and debut video “Stay” is coming out soon!!!

Looking forward to more interviews and things to come!



Me and Songsbury – Maroon 5 cover – filming

I spent the day today with another amazing Toronto artist, Songsbury, along with my amazing cinematographer, Darius and his awesome camera/production assistant, Sam (Samantha). Today we filmed our cover of Maroon 5 – Sugar & She will be loved!

I have to say, I was absolutely sick as a dog, could barely stand or smile – but somehow, we got through it! … and the footage doesn’t look half bad!
I was definitely happy when todays events ended – I needed to go rest in bed ASAP to get better!

I’m telling you, there’s nothing worse than being sick and being a performer and singer. I can’t talk, let along do what I love – its almost heartbreaking. The ket to health … balance. Something I sure need practice at. But I’m learning the lesson and getting there 🙂

Happy health to you all!



A new Master

I’ve been on a journey for some time now- and I am thrilled to share that I am a new Reiki Master!
This means I have completed all three levels of studies and attunements to Reiki, life force energy!

Reiki is an ancient form of healing originated from Japan – it can be used to assist in stress relief, deep relaxation, and healing of the energetic and emotional bodies. You can use Reiki on yourself, on others and even on animals and objects. Reiki can cleanse crystals and jewelry of other energies and be used to clear a room / set a rooms energy!

I am blessed to be attuned to this amazing tool of Life Force Energy and am choosing to share this amazing gift with others! <3

I highly recommend taking a training or receiving a healing if it calls to you!